Top 10 best self cleaning litter box in UK 2022

As a cat owner, you are aware of how picky cats can be about where they relieve themselves. To keep your home clean and fresh-smelling while avoiding messes, choose a best self cleaning litter box with care. The design, size, shape, and features of a cat’s bathroom can make or break its bathroom habits. So, which cat litter boxes are […]

Top 10 best glow in dark dog collar in UK 2022

Does your dog escape during his nightly potty break? Perhaps your nighttime stroll takes you past streets without street lights. If your dog is having difficulty seeing you, an LED dog collar is exactly what you need. This light-up collar allows you to find your dog even in the dark, fog, or snow! Top 10 best glow in dark dog […]

Top 10 best dog anxiety vests in UK 2022

Many dogs can develop Separation Anxiety / Noise Anxiety for a variety of reasons. Anxious dogs can be extremely difficult to live with. Anxiety symptoms in dogs range from shaking or barking when they hear a loud noise to being aggressive or ill. Each dog’s level of anxiety varies, but the most severe cases can be very upsetting and disruptive […]

Top 10 best dog slicker brush in UK 2022

If your adored pup has thick, dense, or curly fur, you know the trouble that can ensue without regular grooming. Matting and knots are common for these types of coats and require a special design to clear out tangles and encourage a healthy coat. Best dog slicker brush are grooming tools that have thin, metal bristles and long, ergonomic handles […]

The 10 best dog food for sensitive stomach in 2022

When your dog has stomach problems, you want to do everything you can to keep them comfortable—and a big part of that is feeding them the right foods. But what kind of food does your dog require if he or she has a sensitive stomach? What are the ingredients you should be on the lookout for? And what are some […]

The 10 best wet dog food for weight loss in 2022

Just like humans, some dogs have a tendency to gain weight and end up bulging at their seams. This can cause a number of different health problems, which will reduce their quality of life and potentially shorten it too. But it isn’t terribly difficult to help your dog shed a few pounds – in fact, it’s pretty simple. You just […]

The 10 best snuffle mats for dogs in 2022

Is your clever pup getting tired of the same old dog toys and chews? Or do you want to give your dog a chance to use his or her keen sense of smell? All of this and more can be accomplished with a snuffle mat. The only issue is that there are far too many options on the market. Luckily, […]