The best rice cookers in UK 2021

Best Rice Cookers are great ingredient that forms the backbone of so many dishes across the globe, from spicy jambalaya and comforting congee to sabzi polo with its crispy crust. But no matter what recipe you’re making, your grains should be perfectly prepared. That’s where a rice cooker comes in. While cooking rice on the stovetop is fine, a quality rice cooker eliminates the […]

The 10 best stand mixer for bread dough in UK

A stand mixer for bread dough is one of those kitchen appliances people often come to in life. At their most basic, stand mixers simply make life easier, tackling laborious and repetitive kitchen tasks like mixing, kneading, whipping and whisking with little more than the turn of a handle. The 10 best stand mixer for bread dough in UK We […]

The 10 best 2 ring electric hob in UK (2021)

The best 2 ring electric hob is a useful cooking tool for intent about any household, lawn, business or motor home. Their small size imply perfection for preparing in restricted areas with non-skid feet for protection. The plug in electric hob is simple to clean like our induction hobs. The 10 best 2 ring electric hob in UK (2021) These […]

The Best Small Deep Fat Fryer UK 2021

Whether it’s triple-cooked chips, fried fish, crispy chicken or cinnamon-dusted churros, nothing does it better than a good deep fat fryer. As well as providing the irresistible crisping that comes from sizzling submersion, the best small deep fat fryers beat a pan full of oil every time. Not only can you safely set and regulate the temperature rather than guess […]

The best gas cookers in UK 2021

Finding the best gas cookers for your home is not the easiest of tasks. The modern cooker has dozens of features each fitting some situations better than others. This list of the five best gas cookers will help you take a close look at what’s on offer and make your choice simpler. The gas cooker is the workhorse of the […]

The Best Eco Dishwasher Tablets UK 2021

Dishwashers provide us with a helping hand in the kitchen, but they need the right detergents to leave dishes gleaming and residue-free. Dishwasher tablets remove stubborn stains, baked-on food, and sticky sauces from plates and cutlery to leave your dishes sparkling. These small-yet-mighty tablets tackle a variety of stains and soften water to dissolve food without leaving any residue behind. […]

The best freestanding cookers in UK 2021

The best freestanding cookers are our tough lab tests, so you can be sure the top models we recommend cook evenly, grill beautifully and come with a hob that can boil quickly as well as simmer gently. Electric models tend to be some of the cheapest appliances around and they offer a simple and streamlined cooking experience. Easy to use […]