Top 10 Best trainer socks in UK 2022

Bulky socks ruin the appearance of cute sneakers or flats. The problem is that if you don’t wear socks, you might end up with painful blisters and stinky feet – no thanks! Although invisible (or no-show) socks appear to be the easy solution, many pairs fall down and ball up under your feet. That is why we discovered the best […]

Top 10 best yoga clothes 2022

Tired of getting your flow on in your old sweatpants? Same. That’s why, when it came time to upgrade our go-to gear, we reached out to professional yogis in three cities to get their top picks for yoga clothes that perform on and off the mat. These women own and operate some of the most popular yoga studios in New […]

Top 10 Best workout DVDs in UK 2022

At-home fitness routines have long provided both challenge and convenience. True, few of us can replicate all of the benefits of our monthly gym memberships in our own homes, but workout DVDs allow us to capture some of the magic. In addition to offering a flexible take on fitness, workout DVDs provide a generally budget-friendly way to exercise. A workout […]

Top 10 best toe straighteners in the UK in 2022

When you develop symptoms of hammer toe or any other toe deformity, the best toe straighteners have proven to be extremely beneficial over time. If you’ve ever wondered why one of your toes curls down beneath its neighbours, it could be because you have hammer toe, a defect in your toe’s middle joint. This joint is normally bent downward, allowing […]