Top 10 best wine racks in 2021 for UK

Best wine racks must not only fit in with your home decor, but they also have to be functional. They present the opportunity to organize and store a wine collection, while also beautifully displaying any fine and rare bottles. Luckily, wine racks now come in a variety of design options, from wall-mounted to wooden modular racks perfect for a wood-lined wine cellar.

Top 10 best wine racks in 2021 for UK

We’ve compiled a list of the best wine racks to help get you started.

1. Homfa Bamboo Wine Rack

A great wine rack will be able to store at least a dozen wines, with a place to store a few glasses. A small tabletop is handy when decanting or serving multiple bottles. Homfa’s bamboo free-standing wine rack has all three of these requirements, plus a small shelf for your favorite wine books.

Measuring 18.5 x 11.42 x 39.37 inches, this multipurpose wine rack comes with glass holders and a shelf, and it doubles as a small end table. The wine rack’s efficient storage holds up to 16 wine bottles horizontally, with the recommended downward slant. The glass storage is directly underneath the shelf, where up to nine glasses can be hung upside down.

Homfa offers the wine rack in two colors: espresso and natural. Being constructed from sustainable bamboo means this is also an eco-friendly option.

best wine racks
best wine racks

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2. Sorbus Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Are you running out of space in your kitchen? Who isn’t? This wall-mounted wine rack is a neat space-saving solution that allows you to store your wine bottles horizontally without eating up your kitchen counter.

The configuration of this rack means you can build in more if you’re looking for a more substantial storage solution.

While this rack is tailor-made for wine bottles, you could also use it to store towels giving you great versatility.

Capacity is limited to 6 bottles but, as mentioned above, you can always add racks if your wine collection starts to grow.

You’ll need to take care of some minor assembly, but all assembly is provided along with clear instructions.

The only drawback with this rack is the screw on the lower level that a handful of users have complained about being too long.

Measuring up at 16.6 x 2.5 x 2 inches, this is a small and compact gem at a scarcely believable price point. What are you waiting for?

Things We Like

  • Stores bottles horizontally
  • Multipurpose rack for wine bottles or towels
  • Holds 6 regular wine bottles

Things We Dislike

  • Screw on lower level a little too long
best wine racks
best wine racks

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3. J.K. Adams Ash Wood 40-Bottle Wine Rack

If you’re looking for something simple, sturdy, and sleek to house your wine collection out in the open, look no further than this J.K. Adams 40-bottle hardwood wine rack. Made from sustainably-sourced unfinished ash wood and backed by a lifetime warranty, you can build this modular rack to fit your space perfectly (or add to it with another rack purchase if you’ve got the real estate). According to user ratings, these racks are super sturdy, easy to install, and ideal for customized wine storage, whether kept on the floor or atop any surface.

best wine racks
best wine racks

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4. COSTWAY 16-Bottle Wine Rack

If you’re looking for an all-in-one drinking station, this versatile bamboo wine storage rack can hold 16 bottles and up to nine wine glasses. It measures 39.5 inches tall by 18.5 inches wide by 11.5 inches deep, so the countertop stands at a convenient height for offering extra surface and storage space in your pantry, kitchen, or home bar area. We like that it also has a handy shelf for storing wine bottle openers and other accouterments, and the sleek design allows it to blend with a range of interior decor styles.

best wine racks
best wine racks

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5. Sorbus 3-Tier Wine Rack

The Sorbus 3-Tier Stackable Wine Rack is compact and stackable, so you can detach and store the racks when not in use.

Countertop wine racks are ideal for non-collectors who only buy a few bottles of wine at a time. They’re also great for compact spaces, especially a rack that’s versatile, stackable, and minimal in design like the Sorbus 3-Tier.

This rack holds a maximum of 12 bottles, with four bottles on each tier. Casual wine buyers might need this space when preparing to host a dinner party or returning from a sale at the liquor store. But most of the time, when you only have a few bottles, the layers can be detached and stored away. If you want to chill some white wine, you can also detach one tier and place it in the refrigerator.

The rack has a slight tilt for cork protection and, despite its metal-wire construction, also boasts a unique design. Available in a copper or silver finish, the rack complements kitchen countertops as well as dining room sideboards and buffet tables.

If you only want to keep about a dozen wine bottles, there’s no reason to spend a lot of money on a rack, and the Sorbus 3-Tier is the perfect price for what you need.

Pros: Detachable, stackable, affordable

Cons: Holds a maximum of 12 bottles

best wine racks
best wine racks

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6. Sorbus Rustic Foldable Countertop Wine Rack

This Sorbus Bamboo Foldable Countertop Wine Rack is an excellent pick for those who only want to store a few bottles of wine. It attractively stores six bottles of wine on a table, countertop, shelf, or bar, and it easily folds to consume less space.

The wine rack is two-tiered and can fit large bottles of wine. It requires no assembly, an added bonus. Lightweight and small, this discreet wine rack comes in a choice of grey, white wood, or black wood.

best wine racks
best wine racks

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7. Stone Countertop Wine Rack

If you lack cabinet space, this wine bottle and wine glass two-in-one rack will help clear up some space and keep your alcohol stash organized. The rack is made from iron and wood for an industrial feel.

best wine racks
best wine racks

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8. AmazonBasics Tabletop Stackable Wine Rack

The AmazonBasics Tabletop Stackable Wine Rack is our best choice for the best wine racks. It boasts convenient customization thanks to its clever stackability style, allowing you to add two additional tiers to increase capacity from four bottles to 12 bottles. There is no assembly required, saving precious time that could be spent exploring your wine collection, and the secure pads keep the wine rack in place. It may not be as aesthetically appealing as other options, but for a simple wine storage option, it offers plenty to get excited about for the casual wine enthusiast.


  • Durable design
  • Versatile placement options
  • Securing pads on base
  • Simple but effective


  • Not as visually appealing as other options
  • You may need more than three tiers for wine storage
best wine racks
best wine racks

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9. DisplayGifts Stackable Modular Wine Rack

DisplayGifts Stackable Modular Wine Rack is another stackable wine rack we liked. This unit has a capacity of 72 bottles and it is made of sturdy pine wood. The wooden structure is varnished with black paint, giving the rack a sober and elegant look.

The rack is perfect to keep in the cellar and the stackable rows are easy to put together. The assembly doesn’t require the use of any tools or hardware and it is even possible to increase the capacity of the rack by stacking two sets together.

Regarding the dimensions, this wine rack measures 46,5x30x11,5 inches and it has a distance of 3,6 inches between the rows. Considering the distance between the rows, the rack is perfect for most average size bottles.

The bottles, on the other hand, are held in a horizontal position. The position is ideal to preserve the quality of the wine and maintain the cork hydrated.

Things We Liked

  • Capacity: this stackable wine rack is perfect for most cellars and it has a capacity of 72 bottles. The capacity can be doubled by stacking two sets together
  • Sturdy: the rack is made of solid pine wood with dowel pins that interlock each connection point. The solid structure has a high weight capacity.
  • Easy to assemble: the rack is easy to assemble and you’ll not have to use any tools or hardware.
  • Color: another thing we like is the finish of the rack. The product is stained with black paint which gives it in an elegant aspect.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The wood doesn’t seem to be of the highest quality, but the rack is sturdy and well-made.
best wine racks
best wine racks

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10. Wall-Mounted Wine and Liquor Bottle Storage and Wine Glass Holders Rack by Rustic State

This rustic wall-mounted wine rack is compact because it can accommodate several wine glasses and six wine bottles at the same time. You don’t need many tools to install and mount it on your wall. The package comes with supporting screws and anchors to get it up on the wall. If you’re all for simplicity and sturdiness, you should consider this. Its walnut color gives it a classy and vintage vibe. Also, it can handle weight well, so you won’t have to worry about your wine bottles and glasses getting smashed. When you open the box, there’s no hint of a noxious odor.

Things We Like

  • It is functional and versatile.
  • The bottle racks and wine glass hangers are worth the price.
  • Installation is easy and fast.
  • It is space-saving.
  • Relocating the rack is a breeze.

Things We Dislike

  • The wood pieces holding the wine glasses are close.
  • Not all wine glasses fit in the hangers.
  • We noticed that some racks have no drilled holes, and some holes are incorrectly placed.
best wine racks
best wine racks

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How to choose the best wine racks

Style and even budget isn’t everything. In addition to the general type of wine rack, you also want to consider the following factors:

  • Material. What is your wine rack made from? It’s important that a wine rack is not only durable but also fairly sturdy. The more wine is disturbed, the more the flavor and quality are impacted. While mild shaking will not mar wine, consistent disturbances will, especially in full-body red and white wines, where sediment can rise to the top. Your best bet is to go with wine racks is sturdy steel or natural wood. Neither is highly preferred over the other, so long as there are strong bolts to keep it steady. However, do keep in mind that metal is less vulnerable to conditions like humidity. Wood may require more regular maintenance. If you’re looking for a stainless steel rack, consider this high capacity rack by Wine Enthusiast.
  • Easy access. One of the main draws to a wine rack over cooling units is the display itself, but also how easy wine racks make it access the bottle of your choice. Open-concept designs are the best way to go unless the rack is mostly for decorative purposes. Vertical and horizontal racks may also make more sense in terms of being able to organize bottles more efficiently.
  • Style. Are you looking to find a rack that fits a more traditional or modern style? Natural wood feels a bit more traditional than metallics. A darker wood adds ambiance to space, while a lighter wood can help brighten it. Distressed looks vs polished looks will also greatly transform the space.
  • Rack design. Here we’re not talking about style, and this is perhaps the most important factor you need to consider when trying to find the best wine rack. Wine, first of all, needs to be set sideways. This keeps the cork from forming tiny perforations by keeping it moist. The racks themselves also need to be slightly raised on a tilt, to ensure moisture continues to coat the cork.
  • Capacity. How many bottles do you need to store? Do you plan on using a combination of wine cooling units and wine racks? You also need to see how much weight the wine rack can hold; this will most likely not be a primary concern but it will also give you an idea how heavy and perhaps sturdy the wine rack is.
  • Different sizes. Some racks offer the ability to hold wine bottles of varying sizes, a factor many may not consider during their initial shopping.
  • Reviews and warranty. Check out ratings and reviews for free standing wine racks, and pay attention not only to average ratings but also the reasons behind those ratings. It’s also best to go with a brand or company that has solid sales records and offers other related products. For installed units, check to see if they come with a warranty, and also get a fully itemized cost estimate, including installation.
  • Other stability concerns. Wall wine racks are especially vulnerable to disturbances; U shaped hooks offer additional support by fitting around the bottle to keep it in place.
  • Other features. Of course, there are many additional features you can select in terms of both style and function. Detailing, such as embellishments or scrollwork, can add a touch of elegance. Tabletops, even glass made ones, are sometimes available on top of stylish wine cabinets. Small lights are not only attractive but even practical for finding a bottle. Most freestanding racks don’t come with many extra features, but little touches can make a substantial difference in transforming the space. If you’re interested in a wine rack with a glass tabletop, check out this Mango Steam 32 Bottle Wine Rack.


Well, if you started today with no idea at all about how to find the best wine rack for your needs, you should now have no shortage of options.

In many ways, this is one of the easiest buying decisions you’ll face as a wine lover. You should think about how many wine bottles you need to accommodate now, but you should also look ahead and ask yourself how you see your wine collection developing. If you feel you might need more space, buy a larger rack than you first planned, or opt for one of the modular, stackable racks we review so you can build out your storage over time.

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