Top 10 best soda makers in 2021 for UK

If you’re hooked on bubbly water, investing in best soda makers could help you kick the store-bought habit. Besides saving you money in the long-run, a soda maker puts you in control of the ingredients in your drinks and is an environmentally friendly choice since it means fewer store-bought bottles and cans going in the trash.

Top 10 best soda makers in 2021 for UK

Soda makers create sparkling water in seconds by injecting CO2-that’s carbon dioxide-into plain water from a replaceable cartridge. Some soda makers can even be used to add fizz to other beverages like juices and teas. Up your beverage game with these top soda makers.

1. Soda Stream Fizzi One Touch

If versatility and variety aren’t important to you, and all you’re really after is the most enamel-dissolving, ear-ringing spicy water you can make at home, the One Touch will deliver. Using the maximum carbonation setting, it produced water that, in blind tasting, was universally deemed the most carbonated of the bunch.

The One Touch’s fully automated capabilities also meant it was unmatched in terms of ease of use. All you have to do is click the bottle in, press a carbonation setting, and Bob’s your uncle. If you want straight-forward functionality, and simply want a machine that makes (extra fizzy!) sparkling water and nothing else, this is the machine to go with. One warning: The One Touch, unlike most soda makers, needs to be plugged in to an electric power source in order to work. Got outlets?

best soda makers
best soda makers

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2. Drinkmate Home Carbonation System

One of the biggest draws of this soda maker is that it can be used to carbonate any liquid. You can make fizzy orange juice in the morning, a sparkling spot of tea in the afternoon, and carbonated cocktails for happy hour. That’s a big differentiator from other soda makers that are designed to only work with water.

It’s got a small footprint so it’s a great option for small kitchens, RVs, dorm rooms, or anywhere space is limited. It doesn’t require electricity (or batteries for that matter) so you can even keep it on the kitchen table and make fresh fizzy drinks whenever you sit down to enjoy a meal.

The included bottle has a clearly marked fill line plus low and high foam levels so you can easily eyeball if you need more or less carbonation for just the right amount of fizz to suit your tastes.

It’s available in black, white, or red and comes with a 3-ounce carbonation cylinder to get you started. It can accept standard 60-liter carbonation cylinders from similar brands, as well as the DrinkMate branded cylinders. To help keep things cost effective, the manufacturer has a trade-in program where you’ll score discounted CO2 cylinders when you send back your empties.

best soda makers
best soda makers

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3. Aarke Carbanator II

While it comes with a hefty price tag, this top-of-the-line soda maker from Aarke is hard to beat. Its sleek, sturdy, and minimalist design is user-friendly while still maintaining a high-quality feel. For those new to the world of soda makers, this is a great choice as it doesn’t require much set up or practice. Simply screw in the CO2 tank, screw in the bottle, and pull the lever.

Rachel found this soda maker to produce tasty soda, with very little effort. The splash from this maker was minimal-to-none, and the spill tray catches whatever gets past the bottle. The bottle requires hand washing, but it’s the only part of the machine that requires regular cleaning with soap.

On the downside, the CO2 replacements are more costly than other brands, but they make up for it with their large size that will easily produce several dozen carbonated drinks before running out.

“It is at a higher price point, proving cost prohibitive for some consumers. However, this soda maker is very sleek and modern-looking and would fit very well on an upscale home bar,” says Rachel.

best soda makers
best soda makers

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4. SodaStream Fizzi

The SodaStream Fizzi makes some of the bubbliest water of any model we tested, but with no light-up indicator, it’s easy to over-carbonate.

If you’re okay with compromising ease of use for a lower price, or if you want a soda maker you can use without electricity, the SodaStream Fizzi makes a great pick. In our tests, water from the Fizzi was nearly indistinguishable in fizziness and taste from water we carbonated with the Fizzi OneTouch. But the Fizzi isn’t automated; while the OneTouch allows you to simply press the button and walk away, the Fizzi requires deliberate attention, and it can be hard to tell when you’ve fizzed enough.

To carbonate water with the Fizzi, you press down on the top button in two-second increments one to three times, depending on how bubbly you want your water. This seems straightforward enough, but our first time using the machine, our estimate of two seconds was too generous (apparently SodaStream does not adhere to the Mississippi-counting school), which resulted in some water gushing from the top of the bottle while we pressed the button. But our second time using it, we had no issues.

The Fizzi improves on SodaStream’s older basic models, like the Jet, with a simpler method of affixing the bottles. Whereas the Jet required you to screw in the bottle, the Fizzi lets you just pop it in with one simple movement, using the same mechanism as the OneTouch. The Fizzi also uses the same, easily exchangeable 60-liter carbonating cylinders as the Source and takes up a similarly small amount of counter space.

Using the Fizzi, though, we were surprised by the sound it made, which was slightly louder and more abrasive than the light gushing sound made by the OneTouch. SodaStream says the Fizzi should “make a puffing sound after the third press,” but in our experience this puff wasn’t dependably pronounced, making it hard to tell whether you’d fully fizzed or not.

The Fizzi has a simple, streamlined look, sporting a no-frills plastic body available in several colors: black, white, navy, and icy blue (though we’ve seen stock issues with colors other than black and white). Like all SodaStream bottles, the Fizzis are also not safe for dishwashers. It makes a fine alternative if the OneTouch goes out of stock or suddenly becomes much more expensive.

best soda makers
best soda makers

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5. Nuvantee Soda Siphon

The affordable Nuvantee Soda Siphon Ultimate Soda Maker stores easily in your refrigerator for cold, on-demand sparkling water.

Pros: Inexpensive, easily fits in the fridge, user-friendly

Cons: Slow, water must be ice cold, doesn’t come with a CO2 cartridge

The soda siphon, or seltzer bottle, is the original Soda Stream, and adorned most kitchens, bars, and parlors until we started taking our beverages in plastic bottles. If you’ve watched old-timey slapstick comedy, or have elderly family members that have difficulty parting with tradition, you’re likely familiar. Though the design is similar, today’s soda siphons, like the Nuvantee Soda Siphon Ultimate Soda Maker, are self-pressurized using an 8-gram CO2 cartridge.

You fill the carafe with up to four cups of very cold water, put on the cap, insert the cartridge, and screw the charger holder in place, which releases the gas. The water is carbonated within 10 to 15 minutes.

The Nuvantee Soda Siphon doesn’t come with CO2 canisters, but it does come with extra O-rings and a black fork key for removing the inner tube of the siphon. Nuvantee Home also offers a cocktail recipe e-book and a money-back guarantee.

Owners like that the Soda Siphon gets water just as bubbly as a SodaStream, and people seem to like the fact that it works with a variety of different CO2 chargers. However, some note that they would like to be able to see how full the carafe is as they fill it.

best soda makers
best soda makers

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6. iSi North America Stainless Steel Soda Siphon

Making your own soda water is as simple as can be with the non-electric iSi Soda Siphon. Fill the stainless steel container with water, chill for 10 minutes, insert the CO2 charger, and press down on the lever. Tests yielded moderately fizzy water that kept well for about 24 hours. If there’s any downside, though, it’s that the chargers are sold separately and have to be changed after each use. When not in use, the pitcher-sized appliance fits nicely in the cabinet, making storage a breeze — something that can’t be said for all soda makers.


  • Doesn’t require electricity
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to store


  • Must change CO2 cartridge after each use
best soda makers
best soda makers

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7. SodaStream Fizzi Soda Maker Bundle


  • Comes with three 1L reusable bottles, two 60L CO2 cylinders, and two zero-calorie flavorings
  • Compatible with other SodaStream flavors and carbonation bottles
  • BPA-free
  • Sleek design in classic black


  • Produces flat soda
  • Poor customer service

One shopper said the value of the SodaStream bundle she bought from Amazon is incredible, and it makes her life more comfortable, given that she buys club soda all the time.

Another customer also loves her purchase on Amazon as she can finally replace her favorite lemon-lime soda and the hassle of carrying heavy bottles. She’s finally getting rid of all the calories and sugar without giving up on flavors.

We think this is a good product since you can make your flavored soda with the zero-calorie flavorings that come with the bundle. What makes this soda maker a great buy is that you can adjust accordingly how fizzy or carbonated you want your drink to be in just a simple push of a button.

Moreover, since it already comes with its own bottle, you won’t have to transfer it to a different container. You can just simply remove the bottle after undergoing carbonation and you are good to go. You can also add some flavoring to your beverage through SodaStream’s flavor essence that comes in the package.

Suppose you want customer support that can answer your queries in an instant. Or a seller that makes sure you have the essential tools needed to make your soda, then this brand can give you those.

Moreover, if you are eyeing a soda maker that is already packed with other essentials such as bottles and flavorings, this brand is already complete. You don’t have to purchase other accessories separately anymore.

best soda makers
best soda makers

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8. DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

A big selling point for this machine is that it can add carbonation to any drink, not just water. That means you can perk up juices, ciders, wine, and even flat beer with some fizz. The machine doesn’t require electricity and uses standard 60 liter CO2 cylinders, which several different manufacturers make.

It’s intuitive to use, so you won’t be struggling to figure out all the steps. Place the CO2 cylinder in its compartment, fill the plastic bottle with cold water, screw into place, push the button, and you’re set. It’s available in white, red, and black and has a two-year limited warranty. Reviewers say they like that it’s easy-to-use, although some commented it’s too tall to fit under some kitchen cabinets.

best soda makers
best soda makers

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9. Levivo Water Carbonator Set Water aerator without CO²

Best sparkling water maker for size
Turn tap water into sparkling water at a touch of a button thanks to this starter set. This beverage maker contains an aerator and two PET bottles. Everything you need to make a refreshing, bubbly drink.
• Included in the box: aerator and 2 PET bottles
• Size: 44 x 15 x 29cm
• Colour: White
• Material: Bottles made of PET
• Weight: 2.14kg
• Gas: Not included

Review: “Brilliant. Simple to use and works perfectly with the SodaStream 60 litre gas canister, which has already delivered more than 60 litre, and hasn’t run out yet. It’s good value compared to its competition too. Hubby loves it and it’s stopped him buying case upon case of sparkling bottled water and reduce our single use plastic consumption.
“Buy the carboniser without the gas cylinder supplied as the Levivo branded one can’t be refilled in the UK.”

best soda makers
best soda makers

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10. iSi Classic MeshSodamaker for making carbonating beverages

Vintage is the new modern these days. People find it more fascinating to invest in products that exhibit a classy appeal. If you are also searching for such a timeless piece, this is classic MeshSodamaker is crafted exclusively for you.

Basically, it is a manual soda maker that features a lever. Its clear bottle has a stainless steel mesh lining inside that further enhances its overall look.

It does not even work like common soda makers. Instead, you will have to insert water or any liquid in a separate glass of your choice. Insert its projecting tube into it and press its lever up and down to carbonate as much as you want.

It weighs 1.91 pounds only and is highly capable of carbonating all juice, drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

The presence of a steady stream technology complements its dripless pouring sprout. While its high performance clearly reflects its quality, durability, and remarkable functionality.

It is absolutely BPA-free and uses a CO2 charger to work wonders.

Own it and say hi to a delicious world of convenience, ease, and comfort.

best soda makers
best soda makers

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How to choose the best Soda Maker


Many soda makers, including the popular SodaStream models, are designed for carbonating only water. Flavor in the form of fresh fruit, herbs, or flavoring drops can be added to the water after the carbonation process.

Other soda makers can be used to carbonate any liquid you like, including juice, tea, cocktails, and wine. You can also use these machines to add bubbles back to drinks that have gone flat.

If you just want carbonated water, you probably don’t need a model that’s able to carbonate your iced tea. If you entertain or like trying new recipes, the added versatility may be worth it.

Carbonation Style

Most soda makers on the market use a carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinder to carbonate your water and beverages.

Before buying, check to see if your model includes a CO2 cylinder to get started. Not all do, so you may need to purchase one separately.

Alternatively, you may find soda makers bundled into starter kits that include a couple CO2 cylinders and/or additional bottles. If you plan to carbonate a lot of liquids or have a large household where everyone enjoys fizzy drinks, a bundled starter kit might make sense.

Bottle Material

Most soda maker water bottles or carafes are made from plastic. We recommend checking to see if the plastic is BPA-free to make sure it’s free from potential toxins that can contaminate your drinks.

If you’d like to avoid plastic, look for a soda maker that comes with a glass bottle. Just be aware that models with glass bottles tend to cost more than their plastic counterparts..

Most manufacturers offer additional bottles, whether plastic or glass, so you can make sure you always have a clean bottle ready to go.


Countertop units are usually able to accommodate larger CO tanks — so you won’t need to replace them as often — while smaller models, like a classic soda siphon, are perfectly sized for stashing on a small bar cart or tucking into a picnic basket or taking to a party.

Power Source

You’ll find both electric and manual countertop soda makers. Manual models are more portable and can be used anywhere without worrying about having access to an electrical outlet.

The electric models on this list have settings for various fizz levels and the carbonation process is hands free, while manual models require you to press a button to achieve your preferred amount of carbonation.


Soda makers have come a long way since their inception, when they were largely just available for commercial use. Now, not only can you make soda at home, but you no longer have to buy a clunky, countertop appliance to get those beautiful bubbles. Soda makers come in all shapes and sizes today, including hand-held options for on-the-go fizz.

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