Top 10 best baby formulas for colic in 2022 for UK

The best baby formulas for colic should not be an alternative to breastmilk. It can be very helpful for babies with colic and other digestive issues.

Top 10 best baby formulas for colic in 2022 for UK

While these top ten best baby formula options for colic are not the only options available, they are some of the more dependable and trusted colic formulas.


1. Similac Alimentum Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

If you know or suspect your child has food allergies, you should consider purchasing this hypoallergenic infant formula.

It is an excellent substitute for breast milk and other allergenic baby formulas.

It is a complete nutritional supplement that works well for protein-sensitive and colicky babies.

This is due to the fact that this infant formula contains pre-digested milk that has been broken down into tiny pieces.

In babies who are allergic to cow’s milk protein, these small pieces virtually eliminate allergic reactions (casein).

Colicky babies cry a lot, and your inability to comfort them is heartbreaking.

Rather than watching your baby suffer, consider purchasing this infant formula.

This formula reduces colic crying because it lacks the difficult-to-digest proteins found in cow milk.

Similac Alimentum Hypoallergenic Infant Formula also contains DHA and ARA, which are found in breast milk.

These elements are critical for brain and eye development.

best baby formulas for colic
best baby formulas for colic

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2. Holle Organic Goat Formula

Even if dairy isn’t to blame, goat milk is MUCH easier for the human body to digest than cow milk. This is why the Holle goat’s milk formula is my top recommendation for colic in babies (gassiness, constipation, hard bowel movement as well).

Other research has shown that goat milk improves the absorption of OTHER nutrients in formula-fed infants (possibly due to a latent cow’s milk protein allergy).

Holle goat, like regular formula, mixes easily in a baby bottle for quick serving.

Holle organic formula has been in business for decades but was previously only available in Europe. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of online retailers (and some closing down due to unreliable supply chains and import rules).

best baby fomulas for colic
best baby fomulas for colic

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3. Aptamil First Infant Milk Stage 1 From Birth

With many years of research, Nutricia has been successful in developing Aptamil baby formula milk and it is a proven product from Danone. Aptamil Stage 1 infant formula is best formula milk for baby 0 to 6 months. It has all the essential nutrients that the baby gets from the mother’s breast milk in proper formulated proportions. In a way, one can say that Aptamil baby formula milk is appropriate to wean the baby as it contains prebiotics that helps build immunity by encouraging the growth of useful bacteria.

Mother’s milk is rich in essential nutrients that are found in nature. Milk powders, on the other hand, require careful formulation to replicate the benefits and composition of natural milk. Danone Nutricia has been successful in locating the best baby formula milk powder that is suitable for newborns until the age of 6 months. After 6 months, you may require formula milk that provides proper nutrients to them. For more information, see best formula milk for baby 6-12 month, which is the formative stage of an infant in terms of immune system development, health, brain development, visual functions, and overall physical growth.

The GOS/FOS (galactooligosaccharide and fructooligosaccharide) ratio in this aptamil formula milk powder is 9:1. Both of these are prebiotics that aid in the growth of beneficial bacteria to aid the immune system. GOS is very similar to mother’s milk and thus completely safe for the baby.

best baby formulas for colic
best baby formulas for colic

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4. Sma Pro First Infant Milk From Birth

When a baby is not breastfed, SMA PRO first infant milk is the best alternative to breast milk. Breastfeeding is the best way to give your baby the best start possible, but if you choose to combine feed or bottle-feed, this is a nutritionally complete breast milk substitute enriched with Omega 3 & 6 LCPs and GOS/FOS.

best baby formulas for colic
best baby formulas for colic

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5. Kendamil organic first infant milk

Kendamil also contains no soy or palm oil and is made with whole milk rather than skimmed milk! It is made in the United Kingdom and is the best choice for parents looking for a whole milk formula with DHA, ARA, and prebiotics. Kendamil contains no added sugars, GMOs, starch, or preservatives. It does contain Taurine, L-Carnitine, and Nucleotides, but Kendamil does not extract these nutrients using solvents.

best baby formulas for colic
best baby formulas for colic

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6. HiPP Organic First Infant Milk Stage 1

HiPP Organic Infant Milk contains important prebiotics and omegas, but doesn’t contain any of the questionable additives of the brand names like Enfamil or Similac, and no brown rice syrup like the US Organic formulas.  HiPP uses the finest organic ingredients in milk, which means no chemical pesticides and no GM ingredients.  The company has been researching breastmilk for over 50 years, so you can rely on their formula including the ingredients your baby needs to grow strong and healthy (like iron, vitamins A, C and D and PRÆBIOTIK® oligosaccharides (GOS).  Their infant milks also contain added Omega 3 & 6 LCPs (DHA and AA). Suitable from birth onwards Hipp Organic Infant Milk is a gentle organic formula that you can use to supplement or replace breastfeeding. It’s suitable from birth, nutritionally complete and will satisfy even the hungriest babies. It contains added vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 and 6 for healthy brain development and a healthy immune system. Hipp Organic Infant Milk also contains PRAEBIOTIK® to make it easier to digest.

HiPP milks don’t contain nucleotides because babies can make them for themselves from amino acids; so they are not essential to their diet. For this reason, and since they are not essential, organic regulations mean they cannot be added to the milks. Be assured that your baby’s nutritional requirements are being met in using this formula and if your baby is happy and content there is no reason to change.

best baby formulas for colic
best baby formulas for colic

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7. Similac Gold Palm Oil free First Infant Milk

This palm oil-free formula contains all of the essential ingredients to meet your baby’s nutritional needs.

Similac products for the UK are manufactured in Cootehill, Ireland, using fresh milk from Irish cows and have over 90 years of experience in giving babies a strong start in life.

best baby forrmulas for colic
best baby forrmulas for colic

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8. Kendamil Follow-On Milk

Kendamil makes their British-made Stage-2 follow-on formula with milk sourced exclusively from local farms throughout the Lake District. It was nominated for Best Bottle Feeding Product at the Mother & Baby Awards 2022.

Mum Lisa says, “I would recommend this product because it is very simple to use.” It’s also a high-quality formula, and I feel confident that my daughter is receiving the best nutrition available to her without breastfeeding. The packaging also lends this product a high-quality appearance. I wish we had used it with my daughter from the beginning. ”

best baby formulas for colic
best baby formulas for colic

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9. Neocate Infant with DHA and ARA


10. HiPP Hypoallergenic Combiotic 

This product contains partially hydrolyzed whey proteins and is gentler on sensitive babies. The whey-to-casein ratio is 60:40, which is similar to breastmilk, but the casein is not hydrolyzed, making this option less effective for those with sensitive stomachs.

best baby formulas for colic
best baby formulas for colic

How to choose the best Baby Formulas For Colic

When looking for a colic formula, there are numerous factors to consider. These include the ingredients, the amount of preparation needed, the feeding style, and any digestion or health issues.

  • Type of formula

There are various types of baby formula, such as:

Ready to use liquid: this formula is pre-mixed and ready to drink from a bottle. It is packaged in a ready-to-eat bottle and is commonly used in hospitals. The only downside is that it is very expensive.

Concentrated liquid formula: this is a more concentrated formula that requires mixing with water in equal parts before feeding. It is easy to mix and dissolves very well. However, it is quite expensive and requires refrigeration.

Powdered infant formula: this requires to be dissolved in water before feeding. It is a more affordable option compared to the first two and is the most common type of baby formula in the market today.

  • Milk or protein source

Cow’s milk: is most similar to breast milk in structure but children are typically intolerant to it. In formulas, the proteins in the milk are broken down to allow for easier digestion. It is the most commonly used milk in many baby formulas today.

Organic baby formula: this only contains organic ingredients so it’s a good option if your child has certain intolerances.

Lactose-free or reduce lactose formula: for babies with colic caused by indigestion or lactose intolerance, a lactose-free formula is an ideal choice. Corn syrup substitutes lactose in this formula.

Soy milk formula: this popular vegan alternative can be fed to babies who are allergic to cow milk. Plant proteins are altered for easier digestion.

  • Additives

When looking for a colic formula, one that contains additives that promote growth should be a top priority. ARA, DHA, and iron are common additives found in colic formulas.

Iron: this assists in strengthening bones and muscle growth.

DHA/ARA: these are the synthesized fatty acids that are found in breast milk. They are important for eye and brain development.

  • Ease of digestion

In two ways, baby formula is designed to be easily digestible. These include a favourable whey-casein ratio and hydrolyzation. Hydrolyzed formulas are broken down into smaller particles to make it easier for the stomach to break down smaller parts. These are the best option for colicky babies.

Prebiotics and probiotics are both found in infant formulas. Prebiotics, also known as galacto-oligosaccharides, help to strengthen your baby’s immune system. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that aid in digestion. Probiotics help with stomach issues, and prebiotics, like breast milk, strengthen the baby’s stomach.

  • Hypoallergenic

If your baby has allergies, a hypoallergenic formula would be ideal. There are numerous brands on the market that produce hypoallergenic baby formulas for colic.

  • Safety

It is critical to know whether or not a baby formula is approved when selecting the best baby formulas for colic. Fortunately, all baby formulas have FDA approval, but there are some things to keep an eye out for. For example, you should avoid giving your baby formula that contains GMOs. Given the risks associated with even lower levels of pesticide and herbicide residues, a zero GMO formula may be a priority for you. A paediatrician can assist you in selecting a safe option if you are having difficulty finding one that you consider safe.


A good formula is required to reduce crying episodes caused by colic. The right formula alleviates symptoms while also providing additional nutrients for your baby’s growth and development. It will also promote the growth of a healthy digestive system. Right now, there are a plethora of infant formula brands on the market.

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